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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Data-Reusing Adaptive Filtering Algorithms with Adaptive Error Constraint},
  author    = {Young-Seok Choi},
  country   = {Korea, Republic Of},
  institution={Kwangwoon University},
  abstract  = {We present a family of data-reusing and affine
projection algorithms. For identification of a noisy linear finite
impulse response channel, a partial knowledge of a channel,
especially noise, can be used to improve the performance of
the adaptive filter. Motivated by this fact, the proposed scheme
incorporates an estimate of a knowledge of noise. A constraint, called
the adaptive noise constraint, estimates an unknown information of
noise. By imposing this constraint on a cost function of data-reusing
and affine projection algorithms, a cost function based on the adaptive
noise constraint and Lagrange multiplier is defined. Minimizing the
new cost function leads to the adaptive noise constrained (ANC)
data-reusing and affine projection algorithms. Experimental results
comparing the proposed schemes to standard data-reusing and affine
projection algorithms clearly indicate their superior performance.},
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