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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Factors Influencing the Housing Price: Developers’ Perspective},
  author    = {Ernawati Mustafa Kamal and  Hasnanywati Hassan and  Atasya Osmadi},
  country   = {Malaysia},
  institution={Univerisiti Sains Malaysia},
  abstract  = {The housing industry is crucial for sustainable
development of every country. Housing is a basic need that can
enhance the quality of life. Owning a house is therefore the main aim
of individuals. However, affordability has become a critical issue
towards homeownership. In recent years, housing price in the main
cities has increased tremendously to unaffordable level. This paper
investigates factors influencing the housing price from developer’s
perspective and provides recommendation on strategies to tackle this
issue. Online and face-to-face survey was conducted on housing
developers operating in Penang, Malaysia. The results indicate that
(1) location; (2) macroeconomics factor; (3) demographic factors; (4)
land/zoning and; (5) industry factors are the main factors influencing
the housing price. This paper contributes towards better
understanding on developers’ view on how the housing price is
determined and form a basis for government to help tackle the
housing affordability issue.},
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