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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Performance Analysis of Bluetooth Low Energy Mesh Routing Algorithm in Case of Disaster Prediction},
  author    = {Asmir Gogic and  Aljo Mujcic and  Sandra Ibric and  Nermin Suljanovic},
  country   = {Bosnia And Herzegovina},
  institution={University of Tuzla},
  abstract  = {Ubiquity of natural disasters during last few decades
have risen serious questions towards the prediction of such events
and human safety. Every disaster regardless its proportion has a
precursor which is manifested as a disruption of some environmental
parameter such as temperature, humidity, pressure, vibrations and
etc. In order to anticipate and monitor those changes, in this paper
we propose an overall system for disaster prediction and monitoring,
based on wireless sensor network (WSN). Furthermore, we introduce
a modified and simplified WSN routing protocol built on the top
of the trickle routing algorithm. Routing algorithm was deployed
using the bluetooth low energy protocol in order to achieve low
power consumption. Performance of the WSN network was analyzed
using a real life system implementation. Estimates of the WSN
parameters such as battery life time, network size and packet delay are
determined. Based on the performance of the WSN network, proposed
system can be utilized for disaster monitoring and prediction due to
its low power profile and mesh routing feature.},
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