Open Science Research Excellence
%0 Journal Article
%A Jung–Min Yang
%D 2017 
%J  International Journal of Electrical, Computer, Energetic, Electronic and Communication Engineering
%B World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology
%I International Science Index 121, 2017
%T Conditions for Model Matching of Switched Asynchronous Sequential Machines with Output Feedback
%V 121
%X Solvability of the model matching problem for
input/output switched asynchronous sequential machines is discussed
in this paper. The control objective is to determine the existence
condition and design algorithm for a corrective controller that can
match the stable-state behavior of the closed-loop system to that of
a reference model. Switching operations and correction procedures
are incorporated using output feedback so that the controlled
switched machine can show the desired input/output behavior. A
matrix expression is presented to address reachability of switched
asynchronous sequential machines with output equivalence with
respect to a model. The presented reachability condition for the
controller design is validated in a simple example.
%P 55 - 59