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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Thermal Fracture Analysis of Fibrous Composites with Variable Fiber Spacing Using Jk-Integral},
  author    = {Farid Saeidi and  Serkan Dag},
  country   = {Turkey},
  institution={Middle East Technical University},
  abstract  = {In this study, fracture analysis of a fibrous composite
laminate with variable fiber spacing is carried out using Jk-integral
method. The laminate is assumed to be under thermal loading.
Jk-integral is formulated by using the constitutive relations of plane
orthotropic thermoelasticity. Developed domain independent form
of the Jk-integral is then integrated into the general purpose finite
element analysis software ANSYS. Numerical results are generated
so as to assess the influence of variable fiber spacing on mode I
and II stress intensity factors, energy release rate, and T-stress. For
verification, some of the results are compared to those obtained
using displacement correlation technique (DCT).},
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