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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {The Impact of Community Settlement on Leisure Time Use and Body Composition in Determining Physical Lifestyles among Women},
  author    = {Mawarni Mohamed and  Sharifah Shahira A. Hamid},
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  institution={MARA University of Technology},
  abstract  = {Leisure time is an important component to offset the
sedentary lifestyle of the people. Women tend to benefit from leisure
activities not only to reduce stress but also to provide opportunities
for well-being and self-satisfaction. This study was conducted to
investigate body composition and leisure time use among women in
Selangor from the influences of community settlement. A total of 419
women aged 18-65 years were selected to participate in this study.
Descriptive statistics, t-test and ANOVA were used to analyze the
level of physical activity and the relationship between leisure-time
use and body composition were made to analyze the physical
lifestyles. The results showed that women with normal body
composition seem to be involved in more passive activities than
women with less weight gain and obesity. Thus, the study
recommended that the government and other health and recreational
agencies should develop more places and activities suitable for
leisure preference for women in their community settlement so they
become more interested to engage in more active recreational and
physical activities.},
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