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@article{(International Science Index):http://waset.org/publications/10007472,
  title    = {Pre-Service EFL Teachers' Perceptions of Written Corrective Feedback in a Wiki-Based Environment},
  author    = {Mabel Ortiz and  Claudio Díaz},
  country   = {Chile},
  institution={Catholic University of the Most Holy Conception},
  abstract  = {This paper explores Chilean pre-service teachers' perceptions about the provision of corrective feedback in a wiki environment during the collaborative writing of an argumentative essay. After conducting a semi-structured interview on 22 participants, the data were processed through the content analysis technique. The results show that students have positive perceptions about corrective feedback, provided through a wiki virtual environment, which in turn facilitates feedback provision and impacts language learning effectively. Some of the positive perceptions about virtual feedback refer to permanent access, efficiency, simultaneous revision and immediacy. It would then be advisable to integrate wiki-based feedback as a methodology for the language classroom and collaborative writing tasks.
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