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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Knowledge Reactor: A Contextual Computing Work in Progress for Eldercare},
  author    = {Scott N. Gerard and  Aliza Heching and  Susann M. Keohane and  Samuel S. Adams},
  country   = {United States},
  abstract  = {The world-wide population of people over 60 years
of age is growing rapidly. The explosion is placing increasingly
onerous demands on individual families, multiple industries and
entire countries. Current, human-intensive approaches to eldercare
are not sustainable, but IoT and AI technologies can help. The
Knowledge Reactor (KR) is a contextual, data fusion engine built to
address this and other similar problems. It fuses and centralizes IoT
and System of Record/Engagement data into a reactive knowledge
graph. Cognitive applications and services are constructed with its
multiagent architecture. The KR can scale-up and scaledown, because
it exploits container-based, horizontally scalable services for graph
store (JanusGraph) and pub-sub (Kafka) technologies. While the KR
can be applied to many domains that require IoT and AI technologies,
this paper describes how the KR specifically supports the challenging
domain of cognitive eldercare. Rule- and machine learning-based
analytics infer activities of daily living from IoT sensor readings. KR
scalability, adaptability, flexibility and usability are demonstrated.},
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