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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {An Inter-banking Auditing Security Solution for Detecting Unauthorised Financial Transactions entered by Authorised Insiders},
  author    = {C. A. Corzo and  N. Zhang and  F. Corzo},
  country   = {},
  abstract  = {Insider abuse has recently been reported as one of
the more frequently occurring security incidents, suggesting that
more security is required for detecting and preventing unauthorised
financial transactions entered by authorised users. To address the
problem, and based on the observation that all authorised interbanking
financial transactions trigger or are triggered by other
transactions in a workflow, we have developed a security solution
based on a redefined understanding of an audit workflow. One audit
workflow where there is a log file containing the complete workflow
activity of financial transactions directly related to one financial
transaction (an electronic deal recorded at an e-trading system). The
new security solution contemplates any two parties interacting on
the basis of financial transactions recorded by their users in related
but distinct automated financial systems. In the new definition interorganizational
and intra-organization interactions can be described
in one unique audit trail. This concept expands the current ideas of
audit trails by adapting them to actual e-trading workflow activity, i.e.
intra-organizational and inter-organizational activity. With the above,
a security auditing service is designed to detect integrity drifts with
and between organizations in order to detect unauthorised financial
transactions entered by authorised users.},
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