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@article{(International Science Index):http://waset.org/publications/10441,
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  abstract  = {QoS Routing aims to find paths between senders and
receivers satisfying the QoS requirements of the application which
efficiently using the network resources and underlying routing
algorithm to be able to find low-cost paths that satisfy given QoS
constraints. The problem of finding least-cost routing is known to be
NP-hard or complete and some algorithms have been proposed to
find a near optimal solution. But these heuristics or algorithms either
impose relationships among the link metrics to reduce the complexity
of the problem which may limit the general applicability of the
heuristic, or are too costly in terms of execution time to be applicable
to large networks. In this paper, we concentrate an algorithm that
finds a near-optimal solution fast and we named this algorithm as
optimized Delay Constrained Routing (ODCR), which uses an
adaptive path weight function together with an additional constraint
imposed on the path cost, to restrict search space and hence ODCR
finds near optimal solution in much quicker time.},
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