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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {A Parallel Quadtree Approach for Image Compression using Wavelets},
  author    = {Hamed Vahdat Nejad and  Hossein Deldari},
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  abstract  = {Wavelet transforms are multiresolution
decompositions that can be used to analyze signals and images.
Image compression is one of major applications of wavelet
transforms in image processing. It is considered as one of the most
powerful methods that provides a high compression ratio. However,
its implementation is very time-consuming. At the other hand,
parallel computing technologies are an efficient method for image
compression using wavelets. In this paper, we propose a parallel
wavelet compression algorithm based on quadtrees. We implement
the algorithm using MatlabMPI (a parallel, message passing version
of Matlab), and compute its isoefficiency function, and show that it is
scalable. Our experimental results confirm the efficiency of the
algorithm also.},
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