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  title    = {RBF modeling of Incipient Motion of Plane Sand Bed Channels},
  author    = {Gopu Sreenivasulu and  Bimlesh Kumar and  Achanta Ramakrishna Rao},
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  abstract  = {To define or predict incipient motion in an alluvial
channel, most of the investigators use a standard or modified form of
Shields- diagram. Shields- diagram does give a process to determine
the incipient motion parameters but an iterative one. To design
properly (without iteration), one should have another equation for
resistance. Absence of a universal resistance equation also magnifies
the difficulties in defining the model. Neural network technique,
which is particularly useful in modeling a complex processes, is
presented as a tool complimentary to modeling incipient motion.
Present work develops a neural network model employing the RBF
network to predict the average velocity u and water depth y based on
the experimental data on incipient condition. Based on the model,
design curves have been presented for the field application.},
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