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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Identifying Corporate Managerial Topics with Web Pages},
  author    = {Juan Llopis and  Reyes Gonzalez and  Jose Gasco},
  country   = {},
  abstract  = {This paper has as its main aim to analyse how
corporate web pages can become an essential tool in order to detect
strategic trends by firms or sectors, and even a primary source for
benchmarking. This technique has made it possible to identify the key
issues in the strategic management of the most excellent large Spanish
firms and also to describe trends in their long-range planning, a way of
working that can be generalised to any country or firm group. More
precisely, two objectives were sought. The first one consisted in showing
the way in which corporate websites make it possible to obtain direct
information about the strategic variables which can define firms. This
tool is dynamic (since web pages are constantly updated) as well as
direct and reliable, since the information comes from the firm itself, not
from comments of third parties (such as journalists, academicians,
consultants...). When this information is analysed for a group of firms,
one can observe their characteristics in terms of both managerial tasks
and business management. As for the second objective, the methodology
proposed served to describe the corporate profile of the large Spanish
enterprises included in the Ibex35 (the Ibex35 or Iberia Index is the
reference index in the Spanish Stock Exchange and gathers periodically
the 35 most outstanding Spanish firms). An attempt is therefore made to
define the long-range planning that would be characteristic of the largest
Spanish firms.},
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