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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {MovieReco: A Recommendation System },
  author    = {Dipankaj G Medhi and  Juri Dakua},
  country   = {},
  abstract  = {Recommender Systems act as personalized decision
guides, aiding users in decisions on matters related to personal taste.
Most previous research on Recommender Systems has focused on the
statistical accuracy of the algorithms driving the systems, with no
emphasis on the trustworthiness of the user. RS depends on
information provided by different users to gather its knowledge. We
believe, if a large group of users provide wrong information it will
not be possible for the RS to arrive in an accurate conclusion. The
system described in this paper introduce the concept of Testing the
knowledge of user to filter out these “bad users".
This paper emphasizes on the mechanism used to provide robust
and effective recommendation.},
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