Open Science Research Excellence
%0 Journal Article
%A M. J. Fadaee and  H. Saffari and  H. Khosravi
%D 2008 
%J  International Journal of Civil, Environmental, Structural, Construction and Architectural Engineering
%B World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology
%I International Science Index 17, 2008
%T Mathematical Approach for Large Deformation Analysis of the Stiffened Coupled Shear Walls
%V 17
%X Shear walls are used in most of the tall buildings for
carrying the lateral load. When openings for doors or windows are
necessary to be existed in the shear walls, a special type of the shear
walls is used called "coupled shear walls" which in some cases is
stiffened by specific beams and so, called "stiffened coupled shear
In this paper, a mathematical method for geometrically nonlinear
analysis of the stiffened coupled shear walls has been presented.
Then, a suitable formulation for determining the critical load of the
stiffened coupled shear walls under gravity force has been proposed.
The governing differential equations for equilibrium and deformation
of the stiffened coupled shear walls have been obtained by setting up
the equilibrium equations and the moment-curvature relationships for
each wall. Because of the complexity of the differential equation, the
energy method has been adopted for approximate solution of the
%P 110 - 113