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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {GeoSEMA: A Modelling Platform, Emerging “GeoSpatial-based Evolutionary and Mobile Agents“},
  author    = {Mohamed Dbouk and  Ihab Sbeity},
  country   = {},
  abstract  = {Spatial and mobile computing evolves. This paper
describes a smart modeling platform called “GeoSEMA". This
approach tends to model multidimensional GeoSpatial Evolutionary
and Mobile Agents. Instead of 3D and location-based issues, there
are some other dimensions that may characterize spatial agents, e.g.
discrete-continuous time, agent behaviors. GeoSEMA is seen as a
devoted design pattern motivating temporal geographic-based
applications; it is a firm foundation for multipurpose and
multidimensional special-based applications. It deals with
multipurpose smart objects (buildings, shapes, missiles, etc.) by
stimulating geospatial agents.
Formally, GeoSEMA refers to geospatial, spatio-evolutive and
mobile space constituents where a conceptual geospatial space model
is given in this paper. In addition to modeling and categorizing
geospatial agents, the model incorporates the concept of inter-agents
event-based protocols. Finally, a rapid software-architecture
prototyping GeoSEMA platform is also given. It will be
implemented/ validated in the next phase of our work.},
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