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  abstract  = {Understanding how airborne pathogens are
transported through hospital wards is essential for determining the
infection risk to patients and healthcare workers. This study utilizes
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations to explore
possible pathogen transport within a six-bed partitioned Nightingalestyle
hospital ward.
Grid independence of a ward model was addressed using the Grid
Convergence Index (GCI) from solutions obtained using three fullystructured
grids. Pathogens were simulated using source terms in
conjunction with a scalar transport equation and a RANS turbulence
model. Errors were found to be less than 4% in the calculation of air
velocities but an average of 13% was seen in the scalar field.
A parametric study of variations in the pathogen release point
illustrated that its distribution is strongly influenced by the local
velocity field and the degree of air mixing present.},
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