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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Speaker Identification by Joint Statistical Characterization in the Log Gabor Wavelet Domain},
  author    = {Suman Senapati and  Goutam Saha},
  country   = {},
  abstract  = {Real world Speaker Identification (SI) application
differs from ideal or laboratory conditions causing perturbations that
leads to a mismatch between the training and testing environment
and degrade the performance drastically. Many strategies have been
adopted to cope with acoustical degradation; wavelet based Bayesian
marginal model is one of them. But Bayesian marginal models
cannot model the inter-scale statistical dependencies of different
wavelet scales. Simple nonlinear estimators for wavelet based
denoising assume that the wavelet coefficients in different scales are
independent in nature. However wavelet coefficients have significant
inter-scale dependency. This paper enhances this inter-scale
dependency property by a Circularly Symmetric Probability Density
Function (CS-PDF) related to the family of Spherically Invariant
Random Processes (SIRPs) in Log Gabor Wavelet (LGW) domain
and corresponding joint shrinkage estimator is derived by Maximum
a Posteriori (MAP) estimator. A framework is proposed based on
these to denoise speech signal for automatic speaker identification
problems. The robustness of the proposed framework is tested for
Text Independent Speaker Identification application on 100 speakers
of POLYCOST and 100 speakers of YOHO speech database in three
different noise environments. Experimental results show that the
proposed estimator yields a higher improvement in identification
accuracy compared to other estimators on popular Gaussian Mixture
Model (GMM) based speaker model and Mel-Frequency Cepstral
Coefficient (MFCC) features.},
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