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@article{(International Science Index):http://waset.org/publications/11947,
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  country   = {},
  abstract  = {Phytases are enzymes used as an important component
in monogastric animals feeds in order to improve phosphorous
availability, since it is not readily assimilated by these animals in the
form of the phytate presented in plants and grains. As these enzymes
are used in industrial activities, they must retain its catalytic activities
during a certain storage period. This study presents information about
the stability of 4 different phytases, produced by four macromycetes
fungi through solid-state fermentation (SSF). There is a lack of data
in literature concerning phytase from macromycetes shelf-life in
storage conditions at room, cooling and freezing temperatures. The 4
phytases from macromycetes still had enzymatic activities around
100 days of storage at room temperature. At cooling temperature in
146 days of studies, the phytase from G. stipitatum was the most
stable with 44% of the initial activity, in U.gds (units per gram of
dried fermented substrate). The freezing temperature was the best
condition storage for phytases from G. stipitatum and T. versicolor.
Each condition provided a study for each mushroom phytase,
totalizing 12 studies. The phytases showed to be stable for a long
period without the addition of additives.},
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