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  title    = {Electrical Impedance Imaging Using Eddy Current},
  author    = {A. Ambia and  T. Takemae and  Y. Kosugi and  M. Hongo},
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  abstract  = {Electric impedance imaging is a method of
reconstructing spatial distribution of electrical conductivity inside a
subject. In this paper, a new method of electrical impedance imaging
using eddy current is proposed. The eddy current distribution in the
body depends on the conductivity distribution and the magnetic field
pattern. By changing the position of magnetic core, a set of voltage
differences is measured with a pair of electrodes. This set of voltage
differences is used in image reconstruction of conductivity
distribution. The least square error minimization method is used as a
reconstruction algorithm. The back projection algorithm is used to
get two dimensional images. Based on this principle, a measurement
system is developed and some model experiments were performed
with a saline filled phantom. The shape of each model in the
reconstructed image is similar to the corresponding model,
respectively. From the results of these experiments, it is confirmed
that the proposed method is applicable in the realization of electrical
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