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  title    = {Evaluation of Edge Configuration in Medical Echo Images Using Genetic Algorithms},
  author    = {Ching-Fen Jiang},
  country   = {},
  abstract  = {Edge detection is usually the first step in medical
image processing. However, the difficulty increases when a
conventional kernel-based edge detector is applied to ultrasonic
images with a textural pattern and speckle noise. We designed an
adaptive diffusion filter to remove speckle noise while preserving the
initial edges detected by using a Sobel edge detector. We also propose
a genetic algorithm for edge selection to form complete boundaries of
the detected entities. We designed two fitness functions to evaluate
whether a criterion with a complex edge configuration can render a
better result than a simple criterion such as the strength of gradient.
The edges obtained by using a complex fitness function are thicker and
more fragmented than those obtained by using a simple fitness
function, suggesting that a complex edge selecting scheme is not
necessary for good edge detection in medical ultrasonic images;
instead, a proper noise-smoothing filter is the key.},
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