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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Intelligent Speaker Verification based Biometric System for Electronic Commerce Applications},
  author    = {Anastasis Kounoudes and  Stephanos Mavromoustakos},
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  abstract  = {Electronic commerce is growing rapidly with on-line
sales already heading for hundreds of billion dollars per year. Due to
the huge amount of money transferred everyday, an increased
security level is required. In this work we present the architecture of
an intelligent speaker verification system, which is able to accurately
verify the registered users of an e-commerce service using only their
voices as an input. According to the proposed architecture, a
transaction-based e-commerce application should be complemented
by a biometric server where customer-s unique set of speech models
(voiceprint) is stored. The verification procedure requests from the
user to pronounce a personalized sequence of digits and after
capturing speech and extracting voice features at the client side are
sent back to the biometric server. The biometric server uses pattern
recognition to decide whether the received features match the stored
voiceprint of the customer who claims to be, and accordingly grants
verification. The proposed architecture can provide e-commerce
applications with a higher degree of certainty regarding the identity
of a customer, and prevent impostors to execute fraudulent
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