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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Totally Integrated Smart Energy System through Data Acquisition via Remote Location},
  author    = {Muhammad Tahir Qadri and  M. Irfan Anis and  M. Nawaz Irshad Khan},
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  abstract  = {This paper discusses the approach of real-time
controlling of the energy management system using the data
acquisition tool of LabVIEW. The main idea of this inspiration was
to interface the Station (PC) with the system and publish the data on
internet using LabVIEW. In this venture, controlling and switching of
3 phase AC loads are effectively and efficiently done. The phases are
also sensed through devices. In case of any failure the attached
generator starts functioning automatically. The computer sends
command to the system and system respond to the request. The
modern feature is to access and control the system world-wide using
world wide web (internet). This controlling can be done at any time
from anywhere to effectively use the energy especially in developing
countries where energy management is a big problem. In this system
totally integrated devices are used to operate via remote location.},
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