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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Cross Layer Optimization for Fairness Balancing Based on Adaptively Weighted Utility Functions in OFDMA Systems},
  author    = {Jianwei Wang and  Timo Korhonen and  Yuping Zhao},
  country   = {},
  abstract  = {Cross layer optimization based on utility functions has
been recently studied extensively, meanwhile, numerous types of
utility functions have been examined in the corresponding literature.
However, a major drawback is that most utility functions take a fixed
mathematical form or are based on simple combining, which can
not fully exploit available information. In this paper, we formulate a
framework of cross layer optimization based on Adaptively Weighted
Utility Functions (AWUF) for fairness balancing in OFDMA networks.
Under this framework, a two-step allocation algorithm is
provided as a sub-optimal solution, whose control parameters can be
updated in real-time to accommodate instantaneous QoS constrains.
The simulation results show that the proposed algorithm achieves
high throughput while balancing the fairness among multiple users.},
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