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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Contact Stress Analysis of Spur Gear Teeth Pair},
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  institution={University of Technology},
  abstract  = {Contact stress analysis between two spur gear
teeth was considered in different contact positions,
representing a pair of mating gears during rotation. A
programme has been developed to plot a pair of teeth in contact. This programme was run for each 3° of pinion
rotation from the first location of contact to the last location of
contact to produce 10 cases. Each case was represented a
sequence position of contact between these two teeth. The
programme gives graphic results for the profiles of these teeth
in each position and location of contact during rotation. Finite
element models were made for these cases and stress analysis
was done. The results were presented and finite element
analysis results were compared with theoretical calculations,
wherever available.},
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