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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Smartphones for In-home Diagnostics in Telemedicine},
  author    = {Nálevka Petr},
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  abstract  = {Many contemporary telemedical applications rely on
regular consultations over the phone or video conferencing which
consumes valuable resources such as the time of the doctors. Some
applications or treatments allow automated diagnostics on the patient
side which only notifies the doctors in case a significant worsening
of patient’s condition is measured.
Such programs can save valuable resources but an important
implementation issue is how to ensure effective and cheap diagnostics
on the patient side. First, specific diagnostic devices on patient side
are expensive and second, they need to be user-˜friendly to encourage
patient’s cooperation and reduce errors in usage which may cause
noise in diagnostic data.
This article proposes the use of modern smartphones and various
build-in or attachable sensors as universal diagnostic devices applicable
in a wider range of telemedical programs and demonstrates their
application on a case-study – a program for schizophrenic relapse
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