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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Isotropic Stress Distribution in Cu/(001) Fe Two Sheets},
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  abstract  = {The nanotechnology based on epitaxial systems
includes single or arranged misfit dislocations. In general, whatever
is the type of dislocation or the geometry of the array formed by the
dislocations; it is important for experimental studies to know exactly
the stress distribution for which there is no analytical expression [1,
2]. This work, using a numerical analysis, deals with relaxation of
epitaxial layers having at their interface a periodic network of edge
misfit dislocations. The stress distribution is estimated by using
isotropic elasticity. The results show that the thickness of the two
sheets is a crucial parameter in the stress distributions and then in the
profile of the two sheets.
A comparative study between the case of single dislocation and
the case of parallel network shows that the layers relaxed better when
the interface is covered by a parallel arrangement of misfit.
Consequently, a single dislocation at the interface produces an
important stress field which can be reduced by inserting a parallel
network of dislocations with suitable periodicity.},
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