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  abstract  = {The ability to predict an accurate temperature
distribution requires the knowledge of the losses, the thermal
characteristics of the materials, and the cooling conditions, all of
which are very difficult to quantify. In this paper, the impact of the
effects of iron and copper losses are investigated separately and
their effects on the heating in various points of the stator of an
induction motor, is highlighted by using two simple tests. In addition,
the effect of a defect, such as an open circuit in a phase of the stator,
on the heating is also obtained by a no-load test.
The squirrel cage induction motor is rated at 2.2 kW; 380 V; 5.2
A; Δ connected; 50 Hz; 1420 rpm and the class of insulation F, has
been thermally tested under several load conditions. Several
thermocouples were placed in strategic points of the stator.},
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