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  title    = {Traditional Grocery Stores and Business Management in Bangkok},
  author    = {Suppara Charoenpoom},
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  abstract  = {This paper was aimed to survey the level of awareness
of traditional grocery stores in Bangkok in these categories: location,
service quality, risk, shopping, worthwhile, shopping satisfaction, and
future shopping intention. The paper was also aimed to survey factors
influencing the decision to shop at traditional grocery stores in
Bangkok in the future. The findings revealed that consumers had a
high level of awareness of traditional grocery stores in Bangkok.
Consumers were aware that the price was higher and it was riskier to
buy goods and services at traditional grocery stores but they still had
a high level of preference to patronage traditional grocery stores. This
was due to the reasons that there was a high level of satisfaction from
the factors of the friendliness of the owner, the ability to negotiate the
price, the ability to buy on credit, free delivery, and the enjoyment to
meet with other customers in the same neighborhood.},
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