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@article{(International Science Index):http://waset.org/publications/13983,
  title    = {Cluster Algorithm for Genetic Diversity},
  author    = {Manpreet Singh and  Keerat Kaur and  Bhavdeep Singh},
  country   = {},
  abstract  = {With the hardware technology advancing, the cost of
storing is decreasing. Thus there is an urgent need for new techniques
and tools that can intelligently and automatically assist us in
transferring this data into useful knowledge. Different techniques of
data mining are developed which are helpful for handling these large
size databases [7]. Data mining is also finding its role in the field of
biotechnology. Pedigree means the associated ancestry of a crop
variety. Genetic diversity is the variation in the genetic composition
of individuals within or among species. Genetic diversity depends
upon the pedigree information of the varieties. Parents at lower
hierarchic levels have more weightage for predicting genetic
diversity as compared to the upper hierarchic levels. The weightage
decreases as the level increases. For crossbreeding, the two varieties
should be more and more genetically diverse so as to incorporate the
useful characters of the two varieties in the newly developed variety.
This paper discusses the searching and analyzing of different possible
pairs of varieties selected on the basis of morphological characters,
Climatic conditions and Nutrients so as to obtain the most optimal
pair that can produce the required crossbreed variety. An algorithm
was developed to determine the genetic diversity between the
selected wheat varieties. Cluster analysis technique is used for
retrieving the results.},
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