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  title    = {E-Learning Experiences of Hong Kong Students},
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  institution={The University of Hong Kong},
  abstract  = {The adoption of e-learning in Hong Kong has been
increasing rapidly in the past decade. To understand the e-learning
experiences of the students, the School of Professional and Continuing
Education of The University of Hong Kong conducted a survey. The
survey aimed to collect students- experiences in using learning
management system, their perceived e-learning advantages, barriers in
e-learning and preferences in new e-learning development. A
questionnaire with 84 questions was distributed in mid 2012 and 608
valid responds were received. The analysis results showed that the
students found e-learning helpful to their study. They preferred
interactive functions and mobile features. Blended learning mode,
both face-to-face learning mode integrated with online learning and
face-to-face learning mode supplemented with online resources, were
preferred by the students. The results of experiences of Hong Kong
students in e-learning provided a contemporary reference to the
e-learning practitioners to understand the e-learning situation in Asia.},
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