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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Process and Supply-Chain Optimization for Testing and Verification of Formation Tester/Pressure-While- Drilling Tools},
  author    = {Vivek V and  Hafeez Syed and  Darren W Terrell and  Harit Naik and  Halliburton},
  country   = {},
  abstract  = {Applying a rigorous process to optimize the elements
of a supply-chain network resulted in reduction of the waiting time
for a service provider and customer. Different sources of downtime
of hydraulic pressure controller/calibrator (HPC) were causing
interruptions in the operations. The process examined all the issues to
drive greater efficiencies. The issues included inherent design issues
with HPC pump, contamination of the HPC with impurities, and the
lead time required for annual calibration in the USA.
HPC is used for mandatory testing/verification of formation
tester/pressure measurement/logging-while drilling tools by oilfield
service providers, including Halliburton.
After market study andanalysis, it was concluded that the current
HPC model is best suited in the oilfield industry. To use theexisting
HPC model effectively, design andcontamination issues were
addressed through design and process improvements. An optimum
network is proposed after comparing different supply-chain models
for calibration lead-time reduction.},
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