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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Intragenic MicroRNAs Binding Sites in MRNAs of Genes Involved in Carcinogenesis},
  author    = {Olga A. Berillo and  Assel S. Issabekova and  Anatoly T. Ivashchenko},
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  abstract  = {MiRNAs participate in gene regulation of translation.
Some studies have investigated the interactions between genes and
intragenic miRNAs. It is important to study the miRNA binding sites
of genes involved in carcinogenesis. RNAHybrid 2.1 and ERNAhybrid
programmes were used to compute the hybridization free
energy of miRNA binding sites. Of these 54 mRNAs, 22.6%, 37.7%,
and 39.7% of miRNA binding sites were present in the 5'UTRs,
CDSs, and 3'UTRs, respectively. The density of the binding sites for
miRNAs in the 5'UTR ranged from 1.6 to 43.2 times and from 1.8 to
8.0 times greater than in the CDS and 3'UTR, respectively. Three
types of miRNA interactions with mRNAs have been revealed: 5'-
dominant canonical, 3'-compensatory, and complementary binding
sites. MiRNAs regulate gene expression, and information on the
interactions between miRNAs and mRNAs could be useful in
molecular medicine. We recommend that newly described sites
undergo validation by experimental investigation.},
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