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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Active Intra-ONU Scheduling with Cooperative Prediction Mechanism in EPONs},
  author    = {Chuan-Ching Sue and  Shi-Zhou Chen and  Ting-Yu Huang},
  country   = {Taiwan},
  institution={National Cheng Kung University},
  abstract  = {Dynamic bandwidth allocation in EPONs can be
generally separated into inter-ONU scheduling and intra-ONU scheduling. In our previous work, the active intra-ONU scheduling
(AS) utilizes multiple queue reports (QRs) in each report message to cooperate with the inter-ONU scheduling and makes the granted
bandwidth fully utilized without leaving unused slot remainder (USR).
This scheme successfully solves the USR problem originating from the
inseparability of Ethernet frame. However, without proper setting of
threshold value in AS, the number of QRs constrained by the IEEE
802.3ah standard is not enough, especially in the unbalanced traffic
environment. This limitation may be solved by enlarging the threshold
value. The large threshold implies the large gap between the adjacent QRs, thus resulting in the large difference between the best granted bandwidth and the real granted bandwidth. In this paper, we integrate
AS with a cooperative prediction mechanism and distribute multiple
QRs to reduce the penalty brought by the prediction error.
Furthermore, to improve the QoS and save the usage of queue reports,
the highest priority (EF) traffic which comes during the waiting time is
granted automatically by OLT and is not considered in the requested
bandwidth of ONU. The simulation results show that the proposed
scheme has better performance metrics in terms of bandwidth
utilization and average delay for different classes of packets.},
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