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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Building a Personalized Multidimensional Intelligent Learning System},
  author    = {Lun-Ping Hung and  Nan-Chen Hsieh and  Chia-Ling Ho and  Chien-Liang Chen},
  country   = {},
  abstract  = {Currently, most of distance learning courses can only
deliver standard material to students. Students receive course content
passively which leads to the neglect of the goal of education – “to suit
the teaching to the ability of students". Providing appropriate course
content according to students- ability is the main goal of this paper.
Except offering a series of conventional learning services, abundant
information available, and instant message delivery, a complete online
learning environment should be able to distinguish between students-
ability and provide learning courses that best suit their ability.
However, if a distance learning site contains well-designed course
content and design but fails to provide adaptive courses, students will
gradually loss their interests and confidence in learning and result in
ineffective learning or discontinued learning. In this paper, an
intelligent tutoring system is proposed and it consists of several
modules working cooperatively in order to build an adaptive learning
environment for distance education. The operation of the system is
based on the result of Self-Organizing Map (SOM) to divide students
into different groups according to their learning ability and learning
interests and then provide them with suitable course content.
Accordingly, the problem of information overload and internet traffic
problem can be solved because the amount of traffic accessing the
same content is reduced.},
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