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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Performance of Concrete Grout under Aggressive Chloride Environment in Sabah},
  author    = {S. Imbin and  S. Dullah and  H. Asrah and  P. S. Kumar and  M. E. Rahman and  M. A. Mannan},
  country   = {},
  abstract  = {Service life of existing reinforced concrete (RC)
structures in coastal towns of Sabah has been affected very much.
Concrete crack, spalling of concrete cover and reinforcement rusting
of RC buildings are seen even within 5 years of construction in
Sabah. Hence, in this study a new mix design of concrete grout was
developed using locally available materials and investigated under
two curing conditions and workability, compressive strength,
Accelerated Mortar Bar Test (AMBT), water absorption, volume of
permeable voids (VPV), Sorptivity and 90-days salt ponding test
were conducted. The compressive strength of concrete grout at the
age 90 days was found to be 44.49 N/mm2 under water curing. It was
observed that the percentage of mortar bar length change was below
1% for developed concrete grout. The water absorption of the
concrete grout was in between the range of 0.88 % to 3.60 % under
two different curing up to the age 90 days. It was also observed that
the VPV of concrete was in the range of 0 % to 9.75 and 2.44% to
13.05% under water curing and site curing respectively. It was found
that the Sorptivity of the concrete grout under water curing at the age
of 28 days is 0.211mm/√min and at the age 90 day are 0.067
mm/√min. The chloride content decreased greatly, 90% after a depth
of 15 mm. It was noticed that the site cured samples showed higher
chloride contents near surface compared to water cured samples.
This investigation suggested that the developed mix design of
concrete grout using locally available construction materials can be
used for crack repairing of existing RC structures in Sabah.},
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