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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Human Face Detection and Segmentation using Eigenvalues of Covariance Matrix, Hough Transform and Raster Scan Algorithms},
  author    = {J. Prakash and  K. Rajesh},
  country   = {},
  abstract  = {In this paper we propose a novel method for human
face segmentation using the elliptical structure of the human head. It
makes use of the information present in the edge map of the image.
In this approach we use the fact that the eigenvalues of covariance
matrix represent the elliptical structure. The large and small
eigenvalues of covariance matrix are associated with major and
minor axial lengths of an ellipse. The other elliptical parameters are
used to identify the centre and orientation of the face. Since an
Elliptical Hough Transform requires 5D Hough Space, the Circular
Hough Transform (CHT) is used to evaluate the elliptical parameters.
Sparse matrix technique is used to perform CHT, as it squeeze zero
elements, and have only a small number of non-zero elements,
thereby having an advantage of less storage space and computational
time. Neighborhood suppression scheme is used to identify the valid
Hough peaks. The accurate position of the circumference pixels for
occluded and distorted ellipses is identified using Bresenham-s
Raster Scan Algorithm which uses the geometrical symmetry
properties. This method does not require the evaluation of tangents
for curvature contours, which are very sensitive to noise. The method
has been evaluated on several images with different face orientations.},
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