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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {A Hybrid Metaheuristic Framework for Evolving the PROAFTN Classifier},
  author    = {Feras Al-Obeidat and Nabil Belacel and Juan A. Carretero and Prabhat Mahanti and },
  country   = {},
  abstract  = {In this paper, a new learning algorithm based on a
hybrid metaheuristic integrating Differential Evolution (DE) and
Reduced Variable Neighborhood Search (RVNS) is introduced to train
the classification method PROAFTN. To apply PROAFTN, values of
several parameters need to be determined prior to classification. These
parameters include boundaries of intervals and relative weights for
each attribute. Based on these requirements, the hybrid approach,
named DEPRO-RVNS, is presented in this study. In some cases, the
major problem when applying DE to some classification problems
was the premature convergence of some individuals to local optima.
To eliminate this shortcoming and to improve the exploration and
exploitation capabilities of DE, such individuals were set to iteratively
re-explored using RVNS. Based on the generated results on
both training and testing data, it is shown that the performance of
PROAFTN is significantly improved. Furthermore, the experimental
study shows that DEPRO-RVNS outperforms well-known machine
learning classifiers in a variety of problems.},
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