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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Transmitter Macrodiversity in Multihopping- SFN Based Algorithm for Improved Node Reachability and Robust Routing},
  author    = {Magnus Eriksson and  Arif Mahmud},
  country   = {},
  abstract  = {A novel idea presented in this paper is to combine
multihop routing with single-frequency networks (SFNs) for a
broadcasting scenario. An SFN is a set of multiple nodes that transmit
the same data simultaneously, resulting in transmitter macrodiversity.
Two of the most important performance factors of multihop
networks, node reachability and routing robustness, are analyzed.
Simulation results show that our proposed SFN-D routing algorithm
improves the node reachability by 37 percentage points as compared
to non-SFN multihop routing. It shows a diversity gain of 3.7 dB,
meaning that 3.7 dB lower transmission powers are required for the
same reachability. Even better results are possible for larger
networks. If an important node becomes inactive, this algorithm can
find new routes that a non-SFN scheme would not be able to find.
Thus, two of the major problems in multihopping are addressed;
achieving robust routing as well as improving node reachability or
reducing transmission power.},
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