Scholarly Research Excellence
%0 Journal Article
%A Z. Heirany and  M. Ghaemian
%D 2011 
%J  International Journal of Environmental, Chemical, Ecological, Geological and Geophysical Engineering
%B World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology
%I International Science Index 51, 2011
%T Effect of Concrete Nonlinear Parameters on the Seismic Response of Concrete Gravity Dams
%V 51
%X Behavior of dams against the seismic loads has been
studied by many researchers. Most of them proposed new numerical
methods to investigate the dam safety. In this paper, to study the
effect of nonlinear parameters of concrete in gravity dams, a twodimensional
approach was used including the finite element method,
staggered method and smeared crack approach. Effective parameters
in the models are physical properties of concrete such as modulus of
elasticity, tensile strength and specific fracture energy. Two different
models were used in foundation (mass-less and massed) in order to
determine the seismic response of concrete gravity dams. Results
show that when the nonlinear analysis includes the dam- foundation
interaction, the foundation-s mass, flexibility and radiation damping
are important in gravity dam-s response.
%P 134 - 137