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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Design, Fabrication and Performance Evaluation of Mobile Engine-Driven Pneumatic Paddy Collector},
  author    = {Sony P. Aquino and  Helen F. Gavino and  Victorino T. Taylan and  Teresito G. Aguinaldo},
  country   = {},
  abstract  = {A simple mobile engine-driven pneumatic paddy
collector made of locally available materials using local
manufacturing technology was designed, fabricated, and tested for
collecting and bagging of paddy dried on concrete pavement. The
pneumatic paddy collector had the following major components:
radial flat bladed type centrifugal fan, power transmission system,
bagging area, frame and the conveyance system. Results showed
significant differences on the collecting capacity, noise level, and fuel
consumption when rotational speed of the air mover shaft was varied.
Other parameters such as collecting efficiency, air velocity,
augmented cracked grain percentage, and germination rate were not
significantly affected by varying rotational speed of the air mover
shaft. The pneumatic paddy collector had a collecting efficiency of
99.33 % with a collecting capacity of 2685.00 kg/h at maximum
rotational speed of centrifugal fan shaft of about 4200 rpm. The
machine entailed an investment cost of P 62,829.25. The break-even
weight of paddy was 510,606.75 kg/yr at a collecting cost of 0.11
P/kg of paddy. Utilizing the machine for 400 hours per year
generated an income of P 23,887.73. The projected time needed to
recover cost of the machine based on 2685 kg/h collecting capacity
was 2.63 year.
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