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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Nonlinear and Chaotic Motions for a Shock Absorbing Structure Supported by Nonlinear Springs with Hysteresis Using Fast FEA},
  author    = {T. Yamaguchi and  Y. Kurosawa and  S. Maruyama and  K. Tobita and  Y. Hirano and  K. Yokouchi and  K. Kihara and  T. Sunaga},
  country   = {},
  abstract  = {This paper describes dynamic analysis using proposed
fast finite element method for a shock absorbing structure including a
sponge. The structure is supported by nonlinear concentrated springs.
The restoring force of the spring has cubic nonlinearity and linear
hysteresis damping. To calculate damping properties for the structures
including elastic body and porous body, displacement vectors as
common unknown variable are solved under coupled condition. Under
small amplitude, we apply asymptotic method to complex eigenvalue
problem of this system to obtain modal parameters. And then
expressions of modal loss factor are derived approximately. This
approach was proposed by one of the authors previously. We call this
method as Modal Strain and Kinetic Energy Method (MSKE method).
Further, using the modal loss factors, the discretized equations in
physical coordinate are transformed into the nonlinear ordinary
coupled equations using normal coordinate corresponding to linear
natural modes. This transformation yields computation efficiency. As
a numerical example of a shock absorbing structures, we adopt double
skins with a sponge. The double skins are supported by nonlinear
concentrated springs. We clarify influences of amplitude of the input
force on nonlinear and chaotic responses.
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