Excellence in Research and Innovation for Humanity
%0 Journal Article
%A J. Kluabwang
%D 2012 
%J  International Journal of Electrical, Computer, Energetic, Electronic and Communication Engineering
%B World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology
%I International Science Index 65, 2012
%T Economical Operation of Hydro-Thermal Power System based on Multi-path Adaptive Tabu Search
%U http://waset.org/publications/2044
%V 65
%X An economic operation scheduling problem of a
hydro-thermal power generation system has been properly solved by
the proposed multipath adaptive tabu search algorithm (MATS). Four
reservoirs with their own hydro plants and another one thermal plant
are integrated to be a studied system used to formulate the objective
function under complicated constraints, eg water managements,
power balance and thermal generator limits. MATS with four subsearch
units (ATSs) and two stages of discarding mechanism (DM),
has been setting and trying to solve the problem through 25 trials
under function evaluation criterion. It is shown that MATS can
provide superior results with respect to single ATS and other
previous methods, genetic algorithms (GA) and differential evolution
%P 477 - 479