Open Science Research Excellence
%0 Journal Article
%A D. Allison and  A. Didenko and  G. Miller
%D 2013 
%J  International Journal of Mathematical, Computational, Physical, Electrical and Computer Engineering
%B World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology
%I International Science Index 73, 2013
%T Investigating Transformations in the Cartesian Plane Using Spreadsheets
%V 73
%X The link between coordinate transformations in the plane and their effects on the graph of a function can be difficult for students studying college level mathematics to comprehend. To solidify this conceptual link in the mind of a student Microsoft Excel can serve as a convenient graphing tool and pedagogical aid. The authors of this paper describe how various transformations and their related functional symmetry properties can be graphically displayed with an Excel spreadsheet.

%P 84 - 87