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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Realignment of f-actin Cytoskeleton in Osteocytes after Mechanical Loading},
  author    = {R. S. A. Nesbitt and  J. Macione and  E. Babollah and  B. Adu-baffour and  S. P. Kotha},
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  abstract  = {F-actin fibrils are the cytoskeleton of osteocytes. They react in a dynamic manner to mechanical loading, and strength and
reposition their efforts to reinforce the cells structure. We hypothesize that f-actin is temporarly disrupted after loading and repolymerizes
in a new orientation to oppose the applied load. In vitro studies are conducted to determine f-actin disruption after varying mechanical stimulus parameters that are known to affect bone
formation. Results indicate that the f-actin cytoskeleton is disrupted in vitro as a function of applied mechanical stimulus parameters and
that the f-actin bundles reassemble after loading induced disruption
within 3 minutes after cessation of loading. The disruption of the factin
cytoskeleton depends on the magnitude of stretch, the numbers
of loading cycles, frequency, the insertion of rest between loading
cycles and extracellular calcium. In vivo studies also demonstrate
disruption of the f-actin cytoskeleton in cells embedded in the bone
matrix immediately after mechanical loading. These studies suggest
that adaptation of the f-actin fiber bundles of the cytoskeleton in
response to applied loads occurs by disruption and subsequent repolymerization.},
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