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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Coding based Synchronization Algorithm for Secondary Synchronization Channel in WCDMA},
  author    = {Deng Liao and  Dongyu Qiu and  Ahmed K. Elhakeem},
  country   = {},
  abstract  = {A new code synchronization algorithm is proposed in
this paper for the secondary cell-search stage in wideband CDMA
systems. Rather than using the Cyclically Permutable (CP) code in the
Secondary Synchronization Channel (S-SCH) to simultaneously
determine the frame boundary and scrambling code group, the new
synchronization algorithm implements the same function with less
system complexity and less Mean Acquisition Time (MAT). The
Secondary Synchronization Code (SSC) is redesigned by splitting into
two sub-sequences. We treat the information of scrambling code group
as data bits and use simple time diversity BCH coding for further
reliability. It avoids involved and time-costly Reed-Solomon (RS)
code computations and comparisons. Analysis and simulation results
show that the Synchronization Error Rate (SER) yielded by the new
algorithm in Rayleigh fading channels is close to that of the
conventional algorithm in the standard. This new synchronization
algorithm reduces system complexities, shortens the average
cell-search time and can be implemented in the slot-based cell-search
pipeline. By taking antenna diversity and pipelining correlation
processes, the new algorithm also shows its flexible application in
multiple antenna systems.},
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