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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Development of Subjective Measures of Interestingness: From Unexpectedness to Shocking},
  author    = {Eiad Yafi and  M. A. Alam and  Ranjit Biswas},
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  abstract  = {Knowledge Discovery of Databases (KDD) is the
process of extracting previously unknown but useful and significant
information from large massive volume of databases. Data Mining is
a stage in the entire process of KDD which applies an algorithm to
extract interesting patterns. Usually, such algorithms generate huge
volume of patterns. These patterns have to be evaluated by using
interestingness measures to reflect the user requirements.
Interestingness is defined in different ways, (i) Objective measures
(ii) Subjective measures. Objective measures such as support and
confidence extract meaningful patterns based on the structure of the
patterns, while subjective measures such as unexpectedness and
novelty reflect the user perspective. In this report, we try to brief the
more widely spread and successful subjective measures and propose
a new subjective measure of interestingness, i.e. shocking.},
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