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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Optimal Measures in Production Developing an Universal Decision Supporter for Evaluating Measures in a Production},
  author    = {Michael Grigutsch and  Marco Kennemann and  Peter Nyhuis},
  country   = {Germany},
  abstract  = {Due to the recovering global economy, enterprises are
increasingly focusing on logistics. Investing in logistic measures for
a production generates a large potential for achieving a good starting
point within a competitive field. Unlike during the global economic
crisis, enterprises are now challenged with investing available capital
to maximize profits. In order to be able to create an informed and
quantifiably comprehensible basis for a decision, enterprises need an
adequate model for logistically and monetarily evaluating measures
in production. The Collaborate Research Centre 489 (SFB 489) at the
Institute for Production Systems (IFA) developed a Logistic
Information System which provides support in making decisions and
is designed specifically for the forging industry. The aim of a project
that has been applied for is to now transfer this process in order to
develop a universal approach to logistically and monetarily evaluate
measures in production.},
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