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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {A Multimedia Telemonitoring Network for Healthcare},
  author    = {Hariton N. Costin and  Sorin Puscoci and  Cristian Rotariu and  Bogdan Dionisie and  Marinela C. Cimpoesu},
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  abstract  = {TELMES project aims to develop a securized
multimedia system devoted to medical consultation teleservices. It
will be finalized with a pilot system for a regional telecenters
network that connects local telecenters, having as support
multimedia platforms. This network will enable the implementation
of complex medical teleservices (teleconsulations, telemonitoring,
homecare, urgency medicine, etc.) for a broader range of patients
and medical professionals, mainly for family doctors and those
people living in rural or isolated regions. Thus, a multimedia,
scalable network, based on modern IT&C paradigms, will result. It
will gather two inter-connected regional telecenters, in Iaşi and
Piteşti, Romania, each of them also permitting local connections of
hospitals, diagnostic and treatment centers, as well as local networks
of family doctors, patients, even educational entities. As
communications infrastructure, we aim to develop a combined fixmobile-
internet (broadband) links. Other possible communication
environments will be GSM/GPRS/3G and radio waves. The
electrocardiogram (ECG) acquisition, internet transmission and
local analysis, using embedded technologies, was already
successfully done for patients- telemonitoring.},
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