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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Real-Time Vision-based Korean Finger Spelling Recognition System},
  author    = {Anjin Park and  Sungju Yun and  Jungwhan Kim and  Seungk Min and  Keechul Jung},
  country   = {},
  abstract  = {Finger spelling is an art of communicating by signs
made with fingers, and has been introduced into sign language to serve
as a bridge between the sign language and the verbal language.
Previous approaches to finger spelling recognition are classified into
two categories: glove-based and vision-based approaches. The
glove-based approach is simpler and more accurate recognizing work
of hand posture than vision-based, yet the interfaces require the user to
wear a cumbersome and carry a load of cables that connected the
device to a computer. In contrast, the vision-based approaches provide
an attractive alternative to the cumbersome interface, and promise
more natural and unobtrusive human-computer interaction. The
vision-based approaches generally consist of two steps: hand
extraction and recognition, and two steps are processed independently.
This paper proposes real-time vision-based Korean finger spelling
recognition system by integrating hand extraction into recognition.
First, we tentatively detect a hand region using CAMShift algorithm.
Then fill factor and aspect ratio estimated by width and height
estimated by CAMShift are used to choose candidate from database,
which can reduce the number of matching in recognition step. To
recognize the finger spelling, we use DTW(dynamic time warping)
based on modified chain codes, to be robust to scale and orientation
variations. In this procedure, since accurate hand regions, without
holes and noises, should be extracted to improve the precision, we use
graph cuts algorithm that globally minimize the energy function
elegantly expressed by Markov random fields (MRFs). In the
experiments, the computational times are less than 130ms, and the
times are not related to the number of templates of finger spellings in
database, as candidate templates are selected in extraction step.},
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